Gnat Control in Northern Colorado

Tired of swatting away gnats and no-see-ums when you’re just trying to enjoy the great outdoors? At Mosquito Joe of Northern Colorado, we’re here to provide relief. We offer expert gnat control services for homes and businesses in Adams, Larimer, Boulder, and Weld Counties.

Understanding Gnats

Gnats are similar to pesky mosquitoes with their season of preference. They become a real issue from early spring to late June. If the temperatures are above 70 degrees, you can expect to find these pests. They have a typical life cycle of just 30 days, and at dusk, they swarm to try to mate.

Unfortunately, gnats can infiltrate indoor spaces in addition to the outdoors. They cause issues near sinks, houseplants, and trash cans. Their rapid breeding can quickly escalate what started as a minor issue into a major one. Mosquito Joe of Northern Colorado can quickly solve your problem and relieve your concerns with our expert services.

Professional Gnat Control by Mosquito Joe

We’ll help you beat the buzz with our top-notch gnat control services. Our tailored treatments target these pests, eliminating their breeding grounds and reducing their population. Reclaim your outdoor spaces today.

What Attracts Gnats?

Gnats can’t resist moisture and rotting organic matter. Some things you might be unknowingly attracting them with include:

  • Over-watered lawns
  • Build-up of grass clippings
  • Rotting stumps, logs, plants etc.
  • Moist soil

Tips to Eliminate Gnats from Your Yard

gnats swarming plant in an outdoor fieldIn addition to our professional services, we can also provide you with some excellent guidance. To prevent gnat infestations, follow these tips:

  • Seal rotten fruit or veggies in closed containers
  • Make sure your plants are drying properly between waterings
  • Avoid moss beds and remove decaying organic matter

Schedule Expert Gnat Control Near You

Our team of friendly and trained professionals is ready to assist residents and business owners in Northern Colorado. If you’re ready to start gnat control treatments and get back to enjoying outside again, get in touch today. You can reach us at 970-615-1219 or fill out our free online quote request form.

Gnat FAQs

Why do gnats fly near faces?
Moisture and salt in sweat and tears attract gnats. Plus, the carbon dioxide we exhale attracts them. Put this all together and our heads are pretty irresistible.

Why do I have so many gnats in my house?
Northern Colorado can be fairly humid, which may be attracting gnats. Keep your spaces unattractive to pests by cleaning drains and disposing of produce quickly.

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