Mosquito Traps in Northern Colorado

As we all know, mosquitoes can really impact outdoor enjoyment in Northern Colorado. It’s essential to find effective solutions to control mosquito populations, and Mosquito Joe of Northern Colorado has done just that. In addition to our barrier sprays, we offer specialized mosquito traps for commercial and residential customers that are highly effective at targeting and eliminating mosquitoes.

Our team of expert urban entomologists collaborates closely with premier manufacturers to enhance the effectiveness of existing and new mosquito control methods. Extensive research and technology have led to the development of impressive mosquito traps, such as the In2Care® mosquito units and Inzecto mosquito traps. These traps not only help to eliminate itching and scratching but also kill mosquitoes that carry and transmit diseases.

How Mosquito Joe Handles Mosquito Traps in Northern Colorado

Mosquito Joe uses a tailored eco-friendly approach to pest control on your property to eliminate as many biters as possible.

  1. Evaluation: We assess your property to determine the optimal trap placement for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Installation: We place traps in specific places around your yard to optimize the coverage. In addition to the traps, we recommend periodic spraying to maximize mosquito control efforts. Then, all you need to do is enjoy your outdoor space.
  3. Maintenance: Once in use, they require periodic cleaning and maintenance to remain at peak efficiency. None of this requires effort on your part. Your local Mosquito Joe professionals install and maintain mosquito magnet traps for you.
  4. Additional Treatments: Optional barrier spray treatments are available for comprehensive mosquito control. If you choose to have mosquito traps in conjunction with barrier spray treatments, we’ll check your traps every 21 days. If you just have traps, we will change them out either every 30 or 90 days.

Types of Mosquito Traps We Offer

In2Care® Mosquito Traps

The best mosquito traps are highly targeted, engineered to attract female mosquitoes preparing to lay eggs. These traps coat mosquitoes with a slow-acting biological, allowing them to spread toxins to others before dying. They emit odors to attract more females, effectively reducing the mosquito population. In2Care® traps exploit this biology, interrupting the mosquito life cycle and significantly reducing populations. Recognized by organizations like the NIAID and EPA, these traps, alongside barrier spray treatments, offer effective mosquito control, enhancing outdoor enjoyment by eliminating disease-carrying pests.

INZECTO Mosquito Traps

The Inzecto traps are designed for container-breeding mosquitoes, utilizing ribs to increase humidity and a leaf infusion mixture to attract mosquitoes. The trap is attractive to mosquitoes, and once they’re drawn inside they are eliminated. Infused with Pyriproxyfen and Permethrin, these traps target both larvae and adult mosquitoes. During service, water levels are checked, and larvicide is used for active larvae, while adulticide (Essential Oil or Mosquito Barrier) is applied in 21-day cycles. Traps are exchanged every 84 days or during the 4th Barrier Service for continuous effectiveness.

Benefits of Using Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps, such as the In2Care® and Inzecto systems, effectively exploit the biological needs of mosquitoes, reducing populations and interrupting their life cycle. This targeted approach significantly diminishes reproducing populations in yards and gardens. Recognized by organizations like the NIAID and EPA, these traps contribute to nationwide mosquito control efforts, addressing health hazards and allergic reactions caused by mosquito bites. When used alongside barrier spray treatments, mosquito traps enhance outdoor enjoyment by eliminating biting pests, making outdoor activities safer and more pleasant.

Why Choose Mosquito Joe for Mosquito Trap Services in Northern Colorado?

There are several advantages to choosing Mosquito Joe for your mosquito control needs, some of which include:

  • Free Outdoor Inspection – Unlike other pest control companies, Mosquito Joe will perform a free inspection of your outdoor areas in order to make the most personalized and effective treatment plan.
  • No contracts – We believe in earning your trust with each visit.
  • Neighborly Done Right Promise™ If for some reason you aren’t satisfied, just give us a call within 14 days and we’ll make it right at no cost to you.

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